Use Registration Tools

Add a Course up to 5th day of semester

To add a course up to the 5th day of class please follow the Registrar Instructions

Add a Course from 5-10th day of semester

From the 5th-10th day, you need professor approval to add a course. Please connect with the professor of the course you are trying to add.

Drop/Withdraw from a Course(s) prior to 15th day of semester

To drop a course prior to the 15th day of class please follow the Registrar Instructions


Add and Drop Classes After Registrar Deadlines

To drop a class with a "W"

To drop a class with a "W" between the 16th and 59th day of the semester, please use the drop request form for your department. 

Note: to drop a course with a "W" after the deadline or to drop without a "W" after the 15th day due to extraordinary circumstances, please utilize the Registrar's process.

To add or drop after the semester is over

To add or drop/withdraw a course after the end of the semester, due to extraordinary circumanstances, complete a Request with Extraordinary Circumstance (GARC). 

Applications/Petitions: Graduation, CERC, GARC, Fresh Start

Second Wind Application, Academic Suspension Appeal, Financial Aid Appeal

Apply for Second Wind

Follow "I Have Been Offered the Second Wind Option" Directions


Submit an Academic Suspension Appeal

Follow "How to Appeal an Academic Suspension" Directions


Submit a Financial Aid Appeal

Support for Students Appealing for Financial Aid Reinstatement. 

Returning to MSU or Withdrawing from MSU

Answers for Residency, Academic Accomodations, and Major Changes