Graduate students must meet with Committee Chair

Full University Withdrawals:


To Request Department Professional Advisor Support for Drop/Withdrawal:

Students requesting academic advisor support to drop/withdraw from a course(s) within the Registrar's dates must:

1. Speak with instructor(s) about decision to drop/withdraw from the course(s).

  1. This step is highly recommended.
  2. There may be support or advice from an instructor that will help to complete the course successfully.

2. Complete the webform for your academic department (below) to initiate Drop/Withdraw request with professional advisor(s) in academic department.

  1. Professional advisor(s) in academic department will generate a report daily of drop/withdraw requests.
  2. NACOE Professional advisor(s) are found on the NACOE Academic Advising webpage by selecting your department's advisor page. Contact them if you have questions about the adminstrative process of your drop/withdrawal request according to Registrar's, MyInfo guidelines.
  3. Please allow up to 2 business days for drop/withdrawal request to be processed.
  4. All drop/withdraw requests must be submitted by deadlines established by the Office of the Registrar

3. Students who wish to discuss decision to drop/withdraw from a course(s) with an academic or faculty advisor should:

  1. Contact their academic advisor - identified on the students DegreeWorks worksheet;
  2. Schedule an appointment; and
  3. Discuss concerns or an alternative plan with an academic or faculty advisor including:
    1. financial aid consequences;
    2. time to degree completion concerns;
    3. scholarship award impacts; or
    4. other concerns or questions.

4. Ultimately it is the students responsiblity to understand how dropping/withdrawing from a course(s) might affect:

  1. Federal aid, scholarships, GI Bill funding, or other financial aid;
  2. Course pre-requisite requirements;
  3. Time to degree completion;
  4. Eligibility (for student athletes); and/or
  5. Part-time/Full-time student status.

To Request Drop/Withdrawal After Registrar's Dates:

Unless seeking a full withdrawal from the semester, students seeking to drop/withdraw from a course(s) after the Registrar's established dates must use the GARC Process.

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