Graduation and Admission Requirements Committee

The Admission and Graduation Requirements Committee (GARC) considers appeals and/or petitions from students seeking waivers of established admission and graduation requirements. The Committee is composed of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (chairperson), the Registrar, the Director of Admissions, and the Assistant Dean of the College in which the student is enrolled. Information about the appeals process can be obtained from the Registrar's Office.

  1. Please follow these steps to submit a CERC appeal
    1. Print Official GARC Request Form
      1. Complete student portion of Official GARC Petition Form.
    2. Prepare official letter to GARC committee specifying request.
      1. Official letter specifying the circumstances and request:
        1. Core course(s) or requirements in question.
        2. Rational for substitution or waiver.
        3. Evidence or support for substitution or waiver request
          1. This usually includes a syllabus, course description, or some type of documentation that demonstrates learning outcome alignment.
        4. Supporting statement(s), if available, from academic advisor.
    3. If Adding or Dropping/Withdrawing, student must initiate a DocuSign form with:
      1. Their name and email
      2. Instructor(s) name and email
      3. Academic Advisor's name and email
      4. Jennifer Clark's name and email in the place of Associate/Assistant Dean
      5. Course details
    4.  Meet with department academic advisor for review and signature.
    5. Meet with Jennifer Clark, NACOE Student Success Coordinator for review and NACOE Dean’s Office signature.
    6. Submit completed appeal to the Office of the Registrar.