Details including faculty research interests and department-specific research opportunities are available on the department research webpages.

closeup of woman in lab wearing lab glasses

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Research areas include biofilms, biomedical diagnostics, biofuels and biomass conversion, and specialty materials such as fuel cells and composites.

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researcher and student in lush meadow environment discussing a surveying tool

Civil Engineering

Research areas include snow science, constructed wetlands, high-strength concrete and other alternative materials, ecohydrualics and fish passage, and geotechnical engineering.

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man standing between rows of books in a library

Computer Science

Research areas include a variety of projects involving advanced computing and community outreach. Entities include the Applied Algorithms Laboratory and the Computational Topology and Geometry Group.

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researcher and grad student working together on optics equipment

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research areas include optics and remote sensing, micro- and nanofabrication, digital design and intelligent computing, signals and controls, and power and energy.

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researcher holding glass plate up to look at it with student

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Research areas include biomechanics, advanced materials such as ceramics and composites, measurement systems including fluid dynamics and magnetic resonance.

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