I am a new person what should I do first?

University-provided global accounts: University Information Technology (UIT) on campus is responsible for creating the three global accounts for students.  If you have a CATCARD and have already registered for classes you should have the following three accounts: 1) MyInfo, 2) NetID, and 3) NetID account.  If you know any one of those three you should be able to set the other two at the following website:

     Password Reset Page

An alternative is to visit the UIT Helpdesk in the MSU Renne Library.  You may also call them at (406)994-1777 or if using a campus phone, ext 1777..

Windows Account: As stated above, UIT creates and manages student NetID accounts.  To login to Windows on NACOE Lab machines use your NetID and password.

University-provided email accounts: MSU provides all students with a university email account.  As of May 19th, it is Microsoft Office 365.  Please see their email page: http://www.montana.edu/email/

Also be aware that you should check out your MyInfo preferences and set your default email address which is displayed in the web directory.