The mission of NACOE IT staff is to support the academic and research missions of the faculty and professional staff inside the College of Engineering. Our goal is to compliment the services of the IT Center (UIT) by providing an additional layer of IT support and services specifically for NACOE departments and research centers.

If you need IT assistance anywhere within the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering, please email so your request gets properly documented, tracked, and resolved. This gets your request in front of multiple people, and helps us remain as efficient as possible in our attempt to help everybody across all our departments and centers as quickly as possible. Priority will be given to those requests that come in through the designated channels. 

Submit NACOE IT support requests to:

- Along with the problem description, including NetID, computer name, computer location and contact phone number can improve the ticket resolution time.


Note: IT support for all MSU students can be obtained through the UIT Service Desk (, 994-1777).  Additionally, students living on campus may receive assistance via the ResNet Help Desk (, 994-1929). The NACOE IT group does support graduate student computers provided by their department and general departmental computer labs in NACOE (coeithelp@montana.eduNACOE IT Staff).