This is a list of classes that students have drawn from in the past when selecting courses for earning their IEC. It isn't intended to be comprehensive and may not be completely current. Consult the MSU course catalogue for a more complete and current list of available classes. 

Any Focus

  • BGEN 242D, Introduction to International Business
  • BGEN 245D, Cultural Dimensions of International Business
  • BMKT 441, International Marketing
  • ECNS 314, International Economics
  • GPHY 121D, Human Geography
  • GPHY 141D, World Regional Geography
  • HSTR 160D, Modern World History
  • HSTR 207CS, Science and Technology in World History
  • ICS 404, Intercultural Experience
  • ML 100IH, Introduction to Issues in International Studies
  • MTA 218D, International Film and Television
  • MUSI 307IA, World Music
  • PSCI 230D, Introduction to International Relations
  • RLST 110D, Religion, Conflict & Politics
  • UC 202 (Leading Across Cultures section only), Leadership Foundations

Continent Focus

  • HSTR 102IH, Western Civilization I
  • HSTR 140D, Modern Asia - Asia
  • HSTR 324, 20th Century Europe - Europe
  • HSTR 443, Gender in Asia - Asia
  • RLST 202D, Hinduism and Buddhism
  • RLST 203D, Daoism to Zen

Arabic Speaking Focus (Yvonne Rudman, Office of International Programs)

  • ARAB 202, Intermediate Modern Arabic II
  • Model Arab League (patterned after Model UN): MSU Students learn about political, resource, historical, issues of the Middle East through research and a debate competition held in spring at UM.
  • Semester programs in Morocco at Al Akhawayn University: Engineering coursework in English, Modern Standard Arabic courses from Beginner to Advanced, Moroccan Dialect also taught.
  • Arabic summer study abroad in Morocco or Alexandria, Egypt: 8-week Intensive Year II program.
  • HSTR 135D, The Modern Middle East
  • HSTR 366, Middle East / 20th Century
  • PSCI 321, Middle East Politics
  • PSCI 336, Modern Arab League
  • any other ARAB course

French Speaking Focus

  • FRCH 220D, French Language and Culture
  • FRCH 305, Histoire Civilisation
  • FRCH 306IH, French: From Reflection to Revolution
  • FRCH 320, La France Aujourd'hui
  • HSTR 353, Modern France
  • PSPP 465R, Health, Agriculture, Poverty (francophone Africa)
  • any other FRCH course

German Speaking Focus

  • GRMN 220D, German Language and Culture
  • GRMN 270IH, German-Speaking Europe from the Enlightenment to the European Union
  • GRMN 303IH, Issues of German Cinema
  • GRMN 315, Survey German Literature
  • GRMN 320, Contemporary German Literature
  • GRMN 350, Germany Culture and Civilization
  • GRMN 360IH, German Myths: The Loreli, Faust, and Vampires
  • HSTR 362, Modern Germany
  • any other GRMN course

Japanese Speaking Focus

  • JPNS 150, Japanese Culture and Civilization
  • JPNS 305, Classical Japanese Literature
  • JPNS 325, Women in Japanese Literature and Culture
  • JPNS 361, Japanese Text and Cinema
  • HSTR 145D, History of Japan
  • HSTR 340, Age of Shoguns
  • HSTR 342, Japan's Long 19th Century
  • HSTR 444, Japanese Women's History
  • HSTR 445, Science, Technology and Environment in Japan
  • ANTY 242D, Contemporary Japan
  • ANTY 337, Sex, Gender and Sexuality in Japan
  • ANTY 343, Popular Culture in/out of Japan
  • ANTY 441, Social Movements in Japan
  • any other JPNS course

Mandarin Chinese Speaking Focus

  • CHIN 120IH, History, Culture and Society in Chinese Films
  • CHIN 130D, Historical and Literary Journey into Modern China
  • CHIN 211D, Chinese Culture and Civilization
  • CHIN 320IH, History of Chinese Cinema
  • HSTR 345, Modern China
  • HSTR 446, Science and Medicine in China
  • any other CHIN course

Spanish Speaking Focus

  • HSTR 130D, Latin American History
  • HSTR 330, History of Mexico
  • HSTR 430, Latin American Society History
  • HSTR 431, Race in Latin America
  • HSTR 432, Colonial Latin America
  • HSTR 433, Latin American Perspectives
  • HSTR 434, Gender, Sexuality and Social Change in Latin American History
  • SPNS 220D, Spanish Language and Culture
  • SPNS 320, Spanish Culture and Civilization
  • SPNS 335IH, Travel in Latin America Literature and Film
  • any other SPNS course