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How do I request assistance from an ePAL?

You can email an ePAL directly: Current ePALs

Or fill out our contact form and expand on your issue: Get CONNECTED to an ePAL 

What can an ePAL help me with?

College of Engineering ePALs are engineering or computer science students just like you, but with recent experience taking the classes you are currently navigating. Their experience, training and preparation as mentors have prepared them to be valuable resources in helping you locate the appropriate resources to help you succeed in your classes and become the Engineering or Computer Science student you came to MSU to be.

As you move through your Freshman and Sophomore year, contact your ePALs for support in:

  • finding academic support;
  • learning what time management in college means;
  • connecting with faculty in your department;
  • writing a great scholarship essay;
  • exploring the career field ahead for your major;
  • attending College of Engineering events, such as the Career Fair, the Senior Design Fair or Women in Engineering events;
  • structuring group projects that work;
  • persisting after a challenging exam;
  • figuring out study groups; and
  • so much more!

If you have any general questions for the ePALs, please fill out this form and you will be connected with the most appropriate one.

How is the ePAL program different from Smarty Cats Tutoring?

Smarty Cats Tutoring is a helpful resources provided through the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success and students who have met the criteria to tutor a particular course. Knowing student success often requires resources beyond tutoring, as a peer mentor, ePALs are there to establish a network of support much like you had in high school. You may decide regularly utilizing a learning center or forming a study group are also effective strategies and your ePAL can connect you with the right learning center or give you tips on establishing study environments. They might even share their favorite study spots in the College of Engineering complex.


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