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Superhero Biomechanics - Tagalong worksheet

Student Club: American Society of Biomechnics (ASB)

  1. Motion capture can best be described as which of the following?
    1. Stopping someone’s motion by capturing them
    2. An integrated system of cameras and measurement devices for recording human movement
    3. Not sure, I dozed off for a minute
  2. How do ground reaction forces translate to forces felt in the joints?
    1. … ok maybe it was more than a minute
    2. Magic?
    3. F=ma
  3. List a few reasons why you think jumping takes coordination and attention.





  1. Try each landing for yourself. Notice where on your body you feel each landing the most and make a note of it on a stick figure below (i.e. circle your knee, ankle, etc.).


Discuss with a friend why you think you’re seeing what you’re seeing.