What We Do

Graduate Student Ambassadors:

  • Promote the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering to prospective graduate students
  • Provide a voice for engineering and computer science graduate students
  • Organize events with professional development and networking opportunities

We are also involved in:

  • Student representation at the Engineering Advisory Council
  • Organizing a bi-weekly seminar at 4:10 p.m.
  • Hosting welcome or celebration events at the start or end of semesters
  • Promoting and organizing the Three Minute Thesis competition
  • Hosting potential graduate students during campus visits


Check here for a listing of socials, seminars, and other events.

Who We Are

photo of brown

Jennifer Brown - Faculty Advisor

Jen is an Associate Professor in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department.  She has technical research interests in magnetic resonance and rheology, as well as educational research interests in contemplative and trauma-informed pedagogy, improving technical communication skills of engineers and the role of student agency in engineering identity formation.  Jen is also deeply committed to promoting quality mentorship in graduate education and facilitates a variety of trainings around mentorship for graduate students and faculty.


photo of logan

Riley Logan

Riley Logan is a Ph.D. candidate interested in developing remote sensing systems for environmental science applications. His current research circulates around developing UAV-based remote sensing systems for river ecology. When not terrifying himself by flying expensive drones over rivers, you’ll likely find him riding bikes, pretending to be a photographer, or chasing his dog around in the mountains. 


photo of mettler

Madelyn Mettler

I am pursuing a PhD in Chemical Engineering in the Peyton Lab of the Center for Biofilm Engineering. My research focuses on biofilm mitigation in the International Space Station water recycle system. I am also on the leadership team for Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) and enjoy sewing, playing outdoors, and taking care of my houseplant collection. 


photo of nesar

Siddat Nesar

Siddat pursuing his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Montana State University. He works with Dr. Bradley Whitaker to develop signal processing and machine learning models for healthcare and audio forensics applications. Besides studying, Sid is also involved with a few student organizations to introduce a diverse culture on campus and to the community. He also volunteers in several engineering outreach events for middle and high schoolers.


photo of vannoy

Trevor Vannoy

I'm a PhD student in Electrical Engineering working in Dr. Bradley Whitaker's lab. For my research, I use machine learning and signal processing to solve data analysis applications in domains ranging from lidar to audio to power systems. Outside of research, I love building DIY projects, making music, and getting outside to take photographs.


photo of venkatesulu

Erica Venkatesulu

Erica is pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering. She works in the Optical Remote Sensor Laboratory under Dr. Joseph Shaw, and her research is focused on polarization imaging of clouds under moonlight illumination. She serves as President of the Optics and Photonics Society at MSU, and she likes to play with her dog and rock climb.