3/4/19 Update: A contest winner has been selected and art installation will commence this spring.

Norm Asbjornson Hall, opening early in 2019, features teaching and learning spaces designed to inspire current and future generations of students and faculty. The facility brings together learning, discovery, and engagement for the entire campus community.

The commissioned student artwork project comprises three large wall display areas situated in the heart of the building. The wall panels are each approxminately 20 feet wide by 10 feet tall (see "Art venue description" below for details). The successful artwork project proposal will be innovative and captivating, utilizing the three separate spaces in an effective, coherent, and compelling manner. The chosen project will occupy all three areas for an anticipated period of three years, after which time a new student artwork project will be commissioned in its place.

The spaces are wall surfaces adjacent to the building’s atrium walkways and elevators, so the work will be visible both close-up and at a distance across the width of the building. Thus, the proposed artwork should be designed for effectiveness, visual appeal, general durability, safety, and scale.

A special panel of faculty, staff, students, and community members will judge the student artwork project submissions. The student(s) submitting the winning entry will receive funding for the materials and installation in an amount dependent upon the proposal and the available funds. The winning artist(s) will also receive a special honorarium consisting of an MSU scholarship in the amount of $7,000.

The artwork panels are adjacent to the main passenger elevators on the south side of the central atrium of Asbjornson Hall, on levels 1, 2, and 3. Although sight-angles will not generally allow a simultaneous view of all three levels, building visitors will interact with the areas via nearby walkways, stairs, classrooms, and the elevators.

  • First floor: 19'4" wide x 11'1" high

  • Second floor: 20'1" wide x 9'8" high

  • Third floor: 20'1" wide x 9'5" high

Artwork project proposals should fully utilize all three areas to the extent possible for the chosen means of artistic expression. Works may be mounted to the walls as panels, framed objects, sculptural relief up to one foot deep, or other means established for safe, effective, and economical installation.

Precise dimensions and specifications will be confirmed with the winning artist(s).

  • Applicants must be MSU students, but they need not be art majors: all MSU students are eligible to submit proposals for the competition.

  • MSU students may submit proposals individually, or as independent teams of up to 5 students. Class project submissions formally assigned and graded by a course instructor are also permissible, and may involve a larger team of students.

  • The proposed artwork must be original, and must not infringe upon any copyrighted material. The selected artist(s) must grant a non-exclusive perpetual license to MSU to display the work and to reproduce images of the work.
  • There is no theme or specific prompt for artwork proposals, but student artists should keep in mind that the selected project will be located in an important, prominent position in a building designed to celebrate innovation and creativity. While the key administrative tenants of Asbjornson Hall are the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering and the Honors College, students from all parts of campus, alumni, prospective students and their families, and many other campus guests will use and enjoy the facility.
  • The best proposals will visually communicate the artist’s meaningful, thoughtful, and deliberate use of the three display levels.
  • Artwork project proposals should incorporate strong visual components, i.e., color, texture, and form, which evoke MSU’s spirit of innovation for the future, as well as continuity with our Land Grant heritage. Works may be representational or abstract, utilizing materials and methods of the artist’s choice. If the artist desires, the proposed artwork may incorporate photography, interactive sensors, lighting, sound, and other technological features— although this is not mandatory.
  • August 2018: Competition/Request for proposals announced

  • November 1 – December 14, 2018: Submissions accepted

  • Proposals are due by end of day on Friday, Dec. 14
  • January 25, 2019: Winning proposal announced

  • May 2019: Installation in Norm Asjbornson Hall

Three opportunities have been arranged for students to visit the blank wall panels:

  •   Monday, October 1, 5:30 p.m.
  •   Wednesday October 10, 5:30 p.m.
  •   Thursday, October 25, noon

Interested students must meet promptly at the appointed time at the construction site access gate on S. 7th Street. We will then be escorted by a representative from Martel Construction to see the art wall location. Closed toe footwear is required.

Students who will submit proposals are NOT required to attend one of the visits, but are encouraged to do so.

  • Conceive an innovative, inspiring, and unified artwork project utilizing all three of the roughly 10 feet x 20 feet display spaces.

  • Prepare a proposal that is a single PDF file of 10 or fewer 8.5 x 11 pages. The proposal should include:

1) Cover page including name(s), contact information, and proposal title

2) Artist's statement of interest, describing the chosen theme, artistic media, coordination among the three wall panels, and including one or two appropriate examples of the artists' prior work, if any.

3) Conceptual design for each of the three wall areas. The design description shall include the materials, aesthetic choices, mounting, framing, and lighting considerations, technological features (if any), positive impact upon the visitor experience, and related thoughts that will help the review panel understand the proposed work. The description must include a conceptual rendering or some type of graphical visualization.

4) Material durability, maintenance, environmental, and safety considerations applicable to both the installation phase and the completion phase of the project.

5) Detailed projected/estimated budget for fabrication and installation. Note that it is likely that the fabrication and installation will be limited to approximately $30,000. If the proposed project has a higher budget, the proposal needs to include an appropriate justification.

  • The ONLY proposal material accepted for the review is the single 10-page PDF file. No additional material, hyperlinks, videos, etc., can be included at this time.Please note that if your proposal is selected to be among the “finalist” group, the review committee will invite you to give a 20 minute live presentation on January 18, 2019.  The finalist live presentations may include video or other supporting information.

  • Fill out the online application and upload the PDF on the submission site (open November 1 – December 14, 2018).

  • Finalist artist(s) will be required to make a formal presentation of their proposal to the review committee on Friday, January 18, 2019, prior to the award announcement.

The committtee that will review the proposals and select one to be installed is composed of: 

Ryen Dalvit - ASMSU representative and major in Environmental Design and Civil Engineering

Sara Mast - School of Art faculty

Abbie Richards - Faculty Senate chair and Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering faculty

Hal Schlotzauer - Community member and School of Art retired faculty

Royce Smith - President Cruzado’s representative and Dean of the College of Arts and Architecture

Bradford Watson - School of Architecture faculty)

Jim Zimpel - School of Art faculty