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Robbell Bassett

Robell Bassett

Civil Engineering, Bio-Resource Engineering

Missoula, MT

Office Hour Info: M 9-10 am in Tait Computer Lab


MSU has been an incredible experience! Born in Missoula near the confluence of two rivers it was only natural for me to choose the Bio-Resource option of Civil Engineering. Unsure what engineering even meant I chose the degree because I loved math, science, and water—earth’s most precious resource. I’ve learned a lot through my courses and have met lifelong friends along the way. I would be lying if I said I haven’t questioned my major a lot. With my curious personality, I found myself interested in many things so choosing one thing has been a major battle. This questioning is what has made college so amazing, not knowing has led to valuable experiences where I have discovered a little bit more about myself every day. I’m still unsure of what I want to do post-graduation, but who said you have to know?  MSU has a huge range of opportunities in practically anything you can think of, for me these opportunities included tutoring the youth at Morning Star Elementary school, a civil engineering internship, and various clubs. 

 From the first day of freshman year until now I am still amazed about the close community that MSU has to offer. The balance between the recreational and classroom opportunities at MSU is what kept and still keeps me loving every moment! How can I help you make MSU the time of your life?

When I’m done hitting the books I love to do almost anything that is outside underneath our beautiful dwarf star. Whether it’s trail running in the forest during the fall or carving into water molecules in the winter, catch me screaming with a smile on my face. As much as I love school, I escaped from the classroom during the past 4 summers by suppressing wild-land fire. I spent the past summer battling the natural inferno on a hotshot crew down in Salt Lake City!

Mehmet Erdem

Mehmet Erdem

Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Minor 

Istanbul, Turkey

Office Hour Info: F 12-1 pm Barnard 129


My experience at MSU has been amazing! I’ve had so many opportunities that enhance my passion for engineering, science, and research. Here at MSU, I have made life-long friendships and met outstanding professors who have expanded my horizons. I am also involved in many student organizations such as Pi Sigma Alpha, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma and have gained substantial leadership experience. I spent my last two Spring Breaks volunteering through MSU BreaksAway. In 2017 I traveled to San Francisco and helped to prepare and serve meals to homeless people. I then spent Spring Break 2018 in Phoenix teaching an English language-based computer skills program for refugees. In FIRST Lego League Robotics Competition 2017 and 2018, I helped elementary school students from Montana to navigate the competition. Last summer, I interned at Spika Design & Manufacturing and worked on many projects including designing aircraft maintenance platforms. I have also been working in the Fluids & Computations Lab on vertical water turbine design and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis as an undergraduate researcher. Currently, I’m going to my senior year and I am so excited to mentor freshmen and sophomore engineering students as an Engineering Academic Peer Leader (ePAL) and help students get more involved in activities on campus, in the local community, and in the global community as Student Engagement Global Ambassador (SEGA).

When I’m not studying, I enjoy exploring outdoors. I like hiking, photography, skiing, playing soccer and basketball. I also like watching movies, cooking, reading, and traveling.

Lydia Aman

Alyssa Ferry

Electrical Engineering

Woodinville, Washington

Office Hour Info: R 3-4 pm SUB basement


I started at MSU by changing my major twice before classes even had begun. After finally landing on Electrical Engineering, I can say I’m happy with my decision. Although I have definitely had my share of academic struggles while here, I have learned to use the many resources available to make myself successful. I think that although the coursework can be strenuous at times, and I have definitely been known to get a bit frustrated, help is always available if you only ask for it. The most important thing that I have learned here at MSU is to not be afraid to get help if you’re not understanding something and to do so at the first signs of trouble. In my experience, the professors and TA’s always seem happy to take the extra time to aid in the greater understanding of material.

My experience here has been very positive outside of the classroom as well. I work at the bakery on campus and have gotten to know many great people there. I have always loved baking so this really is the perfect job for me even if it has nothing to do with my major. I was also a member of hall council for my residence hall during my freshman year. This activity helped me gain experience working with people of differing opinions. I think this helped prepare me for future collaborative endeavors.

When I am not studying or working I do a lot of cooking and baking. I also enjoy watching true crime documentaries and reading. During the warmer months I do a lot of hiking as well. But more than anything I just try to catch up on sleep.

Uciel Garcia

Uciel Garcia

Electrical Engineering

Monterrey, Mexico

Office Hour Info: M 3-4 pm near Wild Flour Pizza in the SUB


My experience at MSU as been terrific. At the beginning it was hard to adapt to the weather and to the university life. Coming from a hot weather place, it was hard to adapt to the Montana's cold winter, but after struggling with the first winter and learning some tips from other people, I managed to adapt to it and enjoy all that snow. Also, adapting to a different culture and the university life was hard, but with the help of my classmates and some friends I made along the way, I manage to incorporate into the student lifestyle and learnt to enjoy my classes while managing my time to get involved in my department. Inside the classroom I got to know some of my professors who I trust and can go for advise whenever I need. They had guided me to get internships and develop the technical skills I will need in the industry when I go to out to the real world.

When I'm not studying (which is rare) you can find me in the mountains in a morning hike or playing soccer with friends, sometimes playing video games or just working on my individual projects at home. In the winter, I might be out in a hike with my friends or just at home working on my computer.

Peter Gifford

Peter Gifford

Computer Science

Office Hour Info: R 2-3  in the CS Help Center (Barnard 259)


I am currently a junior in the computer science department and I have loved everything about
my time at MSU. Being in the computer science department has given me lots of awesome
opportunities as well as surrounded me with many kind people. MSU has allowed me to meet
lots of people that are amazing in many ways. I am friends with amazing skiers, climbers,
musicians, academics and lots more. This kind of environment has pushed me to be the best I
can be in school and in my hobbies. There have always been many great mentors and friends
to keep me motivated and happy during my time here so far.
Research has also been a big part of my time here at MSU. I have talked to many people who
are doing crazy research even as an undergraduate and I have also been able to take part in
research myself. Doing research has really added to my greater understanding of class topics
and given me a lot more confidence in my abilities and competency in my field.

Music and climbing have become big parts of my life while I have been in Bozeman. I play
bassoon (big stick like instrument that sounds like a duck) with the Bozeman symphony,
Helena Symphony and Regional Opera. This makes me spend lots of time traveling around
Montana and sitting in practice rooms, but I also like to get outside to go climbing. You can
find me any weekend out in Gallatin Canyon or Wolverine Bowl climbing hard or just sleeping in
the sun enjoying the outdoors. Also, once the snow comes I love to head over to Bridger Bowl
and ski as much as I can.

Maddie Good

Madeline Good

Civil Engineering

Great Falls, Montana

Office Hour Info: W 11-12 in Tait Computer Lab



My experience at MSU has been amazing! As a freshman I was deciding between an academic career in Cell Biology and Neuroscience or Civil Engineering. Although I enjoyed classes from both majors, I felt more passionate and excited about my studies in Civil Engineering. Getting involved in different clubs and organizations such as Alpha Omicron Pi Women’s Fraternity, the American Society for Civil Engineers, and the Honors College has brought me great learning experiences and amazing friends. While classes can be challenging at times, I have found MSU has many opportunities for academic assistance and tutoring. Above all, my favorite parts about MSU are the people I have met and relationships I’ve made. I could not ask for a better college experience!

When I am not studying, I can be found having spontaneous adventures with my friends! Skiing, cooking, kayaking, and camping top my list of fun activities in and around Bozeman. I love road tripping home to see my family and adorable labradoodle, Tedi.

Olivia Haider

Olivia Haider

Chemical Engineering and Physics



From the moment I moved into the dorms my freshman year, Montana State University was the place to be, particularly in the college of engineering. I wasn’t completely sold on studying engineering until the end of my freshman year. After spending two semesters as a chemical engineering major – with its amazing faculty and exciting coursework – I was sold.

While this is my first year as an ePal, I have spent my college career as part of several other organizations and communities, my first year here was spent living on the engineering floor in Hannon hall, building relationships with my fellow engineering ladies. I spent the year as a Resident Advisor in Hapner, where I was challenged to broaden my world to engage with MSU outside of engineering. This also helped me refine my leadership abilities and people skills.

I have spent a large portion of my collegiate career immersing myself in colleges of engineering at several universities.  I’ve had the opportunity to work as a student researcher in a microfluidics lab at MSU, a biofilms lab at Washington State University, and an electronics/microfabrication lab at University of Iowa. I’m also in my second year as an Engineering Ambassador for the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering. Of all my experiences, MSU has been the most vibrant, welcoming, and pro-undergraduate university by far.

 My biggest hobby – if you can call it a hobby - is going to concerts and music festivals. Traveling as far as Chicago and Grand Rapids, I like to make trips out of it. Additionally, I’m currently trying to teach myself bass guitar. I also like spending time watching movies and going on adventures with my best friends that I met my freshman year right here at MSU. I try to take advantage of all Bozeman has to offer like hiking, skiing, or even taking a nice easy stroll down the Gallagator with my roommates with a nice warm cup of coffee in hand.

Adam Job

Adam Job

Chemical Engineering


Office Hour Info: T 11-12 in the ChBE computer lab (Cobleigh 326)


I was originally studying medical technology and microbiology.  My initial college experience was awful until I heard from friends about the Chemical Engineering Department at MSU.  Since I came to MSU, I have absolutely loved my experiences here.  Over the years I have been torn between an Aerospace minor or a Biomedical minor.  Upon reaching my junior year, I opted into studying for an Aerospace minor in hopes of working with propulsion systems.  So far, this has been a great choice.  I have enjoyed everything from the activities in Bozeman, the people, school events, and of course the classes...

I have to admit the engineering professors at MSU have impressed me.  Even though my classes have been extremely difficult, I have been able to enjoy and learn a lot from my classes.  Engineers get this bad rep as being socially awkward or weird, I disagree.  I have met some amazing friends in my classes over the years.  These last few years have been a great experience for me and I would love to help any student that is struggling in college, social life, being an adult, because I can understand the difficulty associated with studying engineering.    

I learned early on how important the balance is between school, sleep, and social life.  Bozeman has so much to offer.  I love hikes, snowboarding, really anything outside, summer or winter. I still haven’t been to enough places around Bozeman.  The sand dunes have been a great escape for me.  My other passion is travel.  Don’t care if it’s two hours down the road or to the other side of the world, I want to go.  I have spent time traveling around Europe and Mexico where I had some of the greatest experiences of my life.  School is pretty important, but finding the balance between school, social life, and sleep is extremely more important.  Still trying to figure out how to get enough sleep.

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Whitney Kieffer

Whitney Kieffer

Chemical Engineering,

Richland, Washington

Office Hour Info: M 11-12 in ChBE computer lab (Cobleigh 326)


I didn't think about majoring in engineering until my senior year of high school, and even then didn't seriously consider it until I came to tour MSU that spring. That was when I had the opportunity to sit down with a chemical engineering professor and really talk about what a chemical engineer is, and I realized it encompassed everything that I was interested in. Initially I was nervous that I would end up uninterested once I actually began my degree, but I quickly found that I really enjoyed my classes, professors, and peers.

I've also had the opportunity to work in the environmental engineering lab on campus since my freshman year, which has been a defining experience in my college career. I've worked on projects involved with treatment wetlands, and it's been both a very fun and educational experience. At first doing research sounded intimidating, but my mentor and the grad students working with me all helped at every step along the way, and I've found something that I really love to do.

Bozeman has endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, and I love to ski, hike, and backpack. I  also like having in depth conversations about Gilmore Girls with my roommates, watching the ducks hang out at the duck pond, and playing piano. 

Forrest Kultgen

Forrest Kultgen

Mechanical Engineering

Butte, Montana

Office Hour Info: F 12-1 pm Barnard 129


I originally came to MSU with the plan of transferring after several semesters to pursue an Aerospace Engineering degree, but ended up staying here because I enjoy Mechanical Engineering. My freshman year went exceptionally well, and in doing so I experienced the library nightlife, as I am sure many of you will do throughout your college career. Junior year, however, I began to struggle with class and MSU eventually informed me that I would be taking a semester off. 

While this was exceptionally difficult to hear, it also allowed me to take a step back and look at my priorities along with what I truly wanted to do with my life. I re-applied to MSU and was accepted back so I hit the opportunity with new vigor. The first three years I had not joined many clubs or put myself out there so the first thing I did was become a teaching assistant with the goal of helping others and leading by example. 

Having enjoyed being a TA, I added ePals to my list of leadership roles in order to show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Being involved on campus is extremely rewarding and allows you to meet so many great people in the process.

Do engineers not study? I enjoy mountain biking and camping during the fall (the Beartooths are exceptionally beautiful). There are some amazing corn and hay bale mazes around the Bozeman area in October, some of which I have wandered around in completely lost at night. Sadly I haven't made it out snowboarding the last several years but I hope to find time this year. I enjoy having friends over for holiday potluck meals and playing board games (except Settlers of Catan, that's a friendship ruiner). Every now and again I make it home to Butte to visit my parents.

Michaela Lightner

Michaela Lightner

Computer Science


Raychel Limnios

Raychel Limnios

Mechanical Engineering, Math

Office Hour Info: M 11-12  Barnard Atrium near the stairs


 Overall, I have had a really positive experience at MSU. I hit a few rough spots along the way but I've had a great support system ranging from the friends I've made to the instructors I've had.
 When I'm not studying I like to run and I also enjoy watching movies.
Michaela McKamey

Michaela McKamey

Mechanical Engineering, aerospace minor

Great Falls, Montana

Office Hour Info: F 12-1 pm Barnard 129


My experiences at MSU have been great so far! I came to MSU knowing I wanted to study engineering, I just wasn't sure what branch interested me the most. After starting school in General Engineering with an interest in Civil, I realized that wasn't really my thing. In my second semester at MSU, I made the switch to Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace, and haven't looked back. The classes and labs I have taken have been extremely interesting and hands on, and I have met some of the most amazing people and friends while attending MSU! 

 Another thing that has made my time at MSU so amazing has been getting involved on campus. At the start of my sophomore year, I took a student worker position in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering office, and it has been one of my best decisions yet! I get to work on campus with a flexible schedule (which is a huge bonus when you have giant breaks in your day) and network with people and professors that I otherwise may never have met! Not to mention, the people I work with are the bomb! In addition to working, I am a member of the Women in Engineering (WIE) Student Advisory Board, I am a Sophomore Surge Mentor, I participate in the MSU Volleyball Club, and I participate in MSU intramurals, along with being an ePAL! If any of these clubs or programs are something you are interested in, please feel free to reach out to me!

 Over the past two summers, I have interned at Autopilot, a local machine and manufacturing shop, and Boeing respectively. Being an intern has allowed me to gain valuable experience in industry, and really put what I am learning in the classroom to the test. I have also gotten the chance to see what I enjoy, and what I don't enjoy, which will benefit me in my job search. Now entering my senior year, I look forward to all of the opportunities that will come with being a senior, and an MSU grad.

Even though I spend most of my time studying, there is the occasional hour or two where I get to take a break and do something completely unrelated to school! During these times, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing with my dog, or doing anything outdoors! I'm also a huge proponent of school life balance, AKA, I take Saturdays off, which is normally when I go for a hike, go fishing, hit the slopes, or explore all that Bozeman has to offer. I also love to watch movies and I enjoy all the streaming services known to man to watch all my favorite shows!

Layne Oliver

Layne Oliver

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Three Forks, Montana

Office Hour Info: M 3-4 pm in Barnard 134


From making lifelong friends in the dining halls to late hours in the library my time at MSU has laid the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth.

I came to MSU set on studying Mechanical Engineering; however, after sophomore year I realized that I wanted a more hands on learning experience and future career. So I made the decision to change to MET. I love working with people, so I decided to pursue an Engineering Management Minor too.

I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy—a sleep disorder—going into my junior year of high school. Since, coming to college I have found both my professors and the Office of Disability, Re-Entry and Veteran Services to be extremely understanding and helpful. If you have any questions about going to school with a disability, I would be happy to talk about it with you.

Last summer I had an internship with Montana Instruments, a company here in Bozeman. In addition to the many technical skills I developed, I learned so much about what it means to have and to create a great company culture. This summer I worked for IMERYS-Talc, a mining company, as a process engineer. Internships have made my classes the last two years so much more interesting and applicable.

When I’m not studying you can catch me running in circles for the MSU Track Team. Or hanging out with friends at CrossLife. I also love anything outside—hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing, canoeing—and playing any sport. #backyardvolleyball

Alexis Ostwalt

Alexis Ostwalt

Chemical Engineering

Office Hour Info: T 3-4 pm ChBE Computer Lab (Cobleigh 326)


Simone Paul

Simone Paul

Chemical Engineering

Office Hour Info: W 9-10 am ChBE Computer Lab (Cobleigh 326)




My time at MSU has been life changing. Although engineering can be very challenging, it is so rewarding. I love being able to piece a huge problem together, and each step give you more information to figure out the next step. The professors have been incredibly helpful and are here to help us learn and make sure we understand what we need to. They challenge us to think from different prospective, but make sure we understand the key points to solve the problems.

At MSU I have learn how to balance school, clubs, friends, and having fun. MSU has also given me so many opportunities, including leading a research project to improve the texture of gluten-free granola. I also look forward to being a member of the Women and Engineering Board. There are so many resources and people who want to help you, and if you reach out there is so much support!

When I’m not studying, you can pretty much always find me outside with my friends. When it’s warm I love hiking and camping, and in the cold I love skiing and snowshoeing. This summer I have gotten into outdoor rock climbing, so I also hope to be climbing quite a bit in Bozeman. I also recently started brewing my own kombucha.

Logan Rice

Logan Rice

Civil Engineering

Office Hour Info: T 2-3 pm Tait Computer Lab


MSU has offered me many opportunities - both in regards to academics and extracurricular activities. Transforming those opportunities into a positive experience is just a matter of taking chances and managing time well enough to balance everything. There have been many late nights and early mornings spent studying or cranking out some last minute homework, but I would say it has been worth it so far.

When I am not studying, I try to get "sendy." There's nothing quite like early mornings in the mountains, whether it's for a dawn patrol skin or simply catching the morning light on one of the beautiful mountain lakes Montana has to offer. I love most outdoor activities, but am itching to pick up some more new hobbies as well as expand my current set of hobbies. For me, the mountains help keep life in perspective and sanity in check. 

When I am not in the mountains, I enjoy hanging out with friends, drinking coffee, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.
Rozalyn Richmond

Rozalyn Richmond

Mechanical Engineering, Physics (minor)

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Office Hour Info: R 9-10 am in the library across from Brewed Awakening



I am currently going into my fourth year of college here at MSU, however, I am going into my third year as a student in the college of engineering. I spent my first year of college majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience with the intent on someday becoming a dentist. I quickly discovered that biology was not my forte and that the physics and math courses I was taking seemed to be the only part of my time in school that I was enjoying. I made the decision to switch majors halfway through my second year at MSU and it has been the best decision of my college career so far. I went from barely passing my classes and letting everything I learned go in one ear and out the other to being excited about learning and wanting to apply everything I was learning about to my everyday life. I took my newfound passion for learning and channeled it into becoming a tutor for the physics department. I’ve spent the past two semesters teaching small study groups for physics I with and without calculus (205 and 220) and have loved every second of it. I’ve found that I like teaching physics almost as much as I love learning about it. This past semester I’ve started to become a lot more involved in the college of engineering. I’ve joined the Society of Women Engineers as well as the Women in Engineering Board. The physics department and college of engineering have made me feel at home here at MSU and I can only hope that I can help others feel the same way I do about learning through tutoring and programs like ePALs.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a massive nerd. When I’m not busy studying for classes and doing my homework I spend a lot of my free time reading —my favorite subject to read about being physics. The only thing I love more than physics is Star Wars. So, whether you’d like to talk Newtonian forces or the forces harnessed by the great and powerful Jedi, I’m your girl. When my nose isn’t in a book I like to spend my time outdoors, whether that means I’m hiking, running, walking, swimming, skiing, going to the farmers market, or picnicking in Lindley park. I consider myself an extraverted introvert and believe that I can get along with anyone. I like to spend time interacting with new people and having board game/movie nights and going to museums with my friends, both old and new.

Cara Robertus

Cara Robertus

Chemical Engineering, Biological Engineering,

Biomedical Engineering and Music (minors)

Bozeman, Montana

Office Hour Info: F 11-12 ChBE Computer Lab (Cobleigh 326)


Attending MSU was an easy choice for me—my father graduated from Montana State in electrical engineering, followed by both of my older siblings in other programs across campus. Looking back on my experience, I can confidently say that getting my degree from Montana State was the best decision I could have made. Here I have found a family of peers, advisors, and friends who have supported me, encouraged me, and enabled me to succeed every step of the way. I have been able to heavily pursue music alongside my engineering degrees and have traveled internationally with the MSU choirs. Since my freshman year, I have worked in a research laboratory in my department and have received several grants, presented at various conferences and research symposia, and been published as a co-first author. I have also completed two internships in industry, giving me valuable perspective and experience in different areas of my field. I am so thankful that Montana State has afforded me the opportunities and the support to pursue my passions, chase my goals, and accomplish more than I imagined when I began four years ago.

When I’m not studying, singing choral music, or practicing piano, I love to do anything outside—hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, or camping, to name a few. I also love to spend time with friends and family enjoying everything Bozeman has to offer.


Ben Trudgeon

Civil Engineering

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Coming from Grand Rapids, Michigan, MSU was a big adjustment for me my freshman year. However, I quickly fell In live with Bozeman and all it has to offer. I made great friends through my classes and through various clubs like the Alpine Ski Racing Club. 

 My sophomore year I got involved with undergraduate research at the Center for Biofilm Engineering. With funding from the Undergraduate Scholars Program I have been able to work on my own project investigating the bioremdiation capabilities of polar microbes. As a Civil Engineering student with a Bio-resource Option, I hope to further my research at a graduate level and pursue Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering. I am very grateful for the opportunities I have received from the College of Engineering, and I believe that I will be well prepared when I move on to graduate school.

When I'm not studying I like to spend as much time as possible at Bridger Bowl, on my mountain bike, or playing a good game of Euchre. 


Meredith Wilson

Meredith Wilson

Chemical Engineering

Office Hour Info: T 8:30-9:30 am in the ChBE computer lab (Cobleigh 326)


I grew up in Montana and just wasn't ready to leave. I was inspired at a young age to become an engineer because of my father and only heard of great things about MSU. When I got to campus, I set up camp in the Quad my freshman year and immediately made friends and started getting outside. I have been heavily involved in Engineers without Boarders and the Honors College. I love staying busy and working hard in my classes, but always have felt that Bozeman has a great balanced environment where its students understand how important play time is also. Some of my favorite classes have honors classes or upper level classes that were challenging and engaging. I'm a totally nerd who also loves to be social and have fun and Bozeman is the perfect place for that!

 I have had a great experience at MSU and want to make sure that new students have ways to reach out if they are struggling to connect with people or having a hard time in classes. Everyone deserves to find their home here and I would love to opportunity to help that become a reality.

 I love to do anything outside and active. I ski, climb, run, and bike. I love to connect with people and help others as much as I can through clubs on campus and social gatherings. When its raining and sad outside I love to dance around the kitchen baking yummy things!