The College of Engineering - Xploration (COE-X) program supports students in foundational mathematics courses (College Algebra and lower) who wish to pursue a degree in engineering or computer science.

Yes! Here at MSU we believe in access and affordability. Once you are admitted to the college of engineering, there are no additional gates, you immediately become an engineering or computer science student regardless of an academic math level. You are an important part of our academic community. Norm Asbjornson himself arrived on the MSU campus much like you, with a belief in his ability to learn and a desire to work hard. It was the academic community of MSU and the College of Engineering that helped him reach his goal.

If a student is in Foundations of Mathematics, Introductory Algebra or College Algebra, you will be assigned to the COE-X academic advisor. When a student is ready for Pre-calculus (M 151Q) they are re-assigned to an academic department advisor.

When students successfully complete College Algebra (M 121Q) and are ready for Pre-Calculus (M 151Q) they transition out of the COE-X Program and their advisor changes. Many students make this transition within a semester or two. Students are encouraged to work with their their academic advisor to determine the best method of gaining the math knowledge that will allow them to move into Calculus and their engineering courses.

COE-X students are encouraged to establish an EdReady account, a self-study math course available for MSU students.

    • EdReady is available to any Montana resident or any current/future student attending an institution of higher education in Montana, and can be used at any time of the year to prep for a number of different math classes. More information is available on the EdReady webpage.
    • Students may be eligible to re-assess their math level with successful completion of an EdReady course(s).
    • The Mathematics Department provides support for students who wish to have the math class they are registered for reevaluated based on successful completion of an EdReady module.
The Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering has partnered with University Studies to provide the best academic advising support for students in the COE-X program. Emily Mason will provide support with organizing an individual plan of study based on the math courses students will need to add to their academic programs.

Belonging to an academic community is important. COE-X students are supported through their academic department and the college Dean's Office

Please contact Jennifer Clark in the NACOE Dean's Office (NAH 237) with questions.

 Advising, Engagement and Academic Planning

COEX - Academic Advisor

Emily Mason, M.A.

Emily Mason

Supported in partnership with University Studies

Gaines Hall 130A


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